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    Drew's Site Project:DASH Part 1

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    Drew's Site Project:DASH Part 1

    Post  Ryandrew8 on Fri Oct 08, 2010 2:04 pm

    Ok so my current project is called Dash Part 1.

    For Part one,we are going to have to work together.

    Oure goal this time,is to establish a well-driven community

    What am i talking about?! Well,we must work hard,to keep this place active and running healthy. Just like people,The forums rely on activity to get energy. To help the forum grow,try to recruit members(See if your friends will join)

    There are many of ways to help out the forum!

    -Be Very active(Much helpful,we can't even say how helpful!)
    -Be courteous(Don't be rude,or talk mean to players.)
    -Be nice(All in general Well-Being)
    -Bring Players to the forum!
    -Bring your BRAIN to the forum(Get those good ideas out here!)
    -And Bring AWESOMENESS to the forum!!!

    Those are some simple ways,to help out! Simple,but they end up good in the end.

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